Diabetes NZ Wairarapa

About Diabetes NZ Wairarapa

Diabetes Wairarapa strives to create a friendly and inclusive network of all diabetics, as well as their friends and familes across the Wairarapa region.  They understand the diabetic journey is not always simple and can provide support when needed, sharing their experiences, tips and tricks they have learnt from participants personal journeys.

Wairarapa Services include:

  • Community Coffee Group – held on the last Thursday of every month at the Roseneath Village Hill, High St, Carterton at 10am.
  • Youth and Parent Support – Contact to arrange support
  • Youth Grant – A youth grant to those newly diagnosed or in need of financial support to help with the financial pressure of CGMs, FGMs etc.  Contact for more information.

Contact: Diabetes Wairarapa Secretary – Georgina Kilmister – 027 824 8960 – email – diabeteswairarapa@gmail.com