Proactive Parenting

Parent Education and Support is delivered either with individual families or in groups. Each family has a detailed Family Plan and personalised goals.

Referrals come from individuals, agencies, schools, ECE centres, medical centres etc.

Our Parent Educator discusses practical suggestions to assist parents and caregivers with tricky situations. She will help them to manage challenging childhood and adolescent behaviours. The ideas support building positive family relationships and provide skills that are practical, friendly and really do work.

Our Parent Educator is a parent with 30 years experience working in this field, is passionate about the topic, and has written and developed many parenting programmes as well as being fully qualified in Triple P and The Incredible Years.

To contact our Parent Educator please call:

Sam on 06 379 5407 extn: 701 / 021 509 626 or email

Please see our Flyer

For agencies or service providers wanting to make a referral to Proactive Parenting Services forms can be provided by