Evolve Careers Ltd

About Evolve Careers Ltd

Kirsten Earnshaw helps people make positive changes and supports them to move forward in their lives.  Kirsten offers employment and life skills support for job seekers, youth, redundancy and job changers through person-centred coaching.  Kirsten is a qualified Career Development Coach and professional member of the Career Development Association of NZ (https://cdanz.org.nz/PersonProfile?Action=View&PersonProfile_id=150).  She offers 1-2-1 and group-based hope-centred coaching to help overcome barriers to sustainable employment.  Kirsten works with government agencies and NGOs to help individuals find their strengths and create a plan to move forward in their working lives.  She also work with employers to help their organisations prepare for recruiting, onboarding and retaining employees.  

Kirsten can be contacted on 027 840 5371.