First Health and Wellness Centre

About First Health and Wellness Centre

First Health and Wellness Centre is the business arm of the
Manaaki ki Wairarapa Community Trust registered with the
Charities Commission. They operate a volunteer-based registered
nurse-led medical centre providing professional affordable,
accessible acute health care services to anyone requiring urgent
care especially after normal working hours. The trust (with 3
trustees) was established by Patricia Wilkinson in response to
anecdotal evidence from communities in the Wairarapa about the
need for additional supported health services to the people of the
Wairarapa and our visitors, irrespective of who their funded
providers might be. This service has relieved the pressure on the
Emergency Department of the Wairarapa Hospital and other
medical providers (GP’s, Healthline, etc.). They require on-going
funding from philanthropic organisations and the trustees support
any ongoing applications, donations or sponsorships.

Masterton Office business hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-5pm &
Tuesday and Thursday 12pm – 7pm.