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About Men and Trauma - Wairarapa

Men and Trauma are specialists in trauma recovery for Kiwi men.  Clients go to them for a range of issues they are struggling with and their team addresses the unresolved trauma driving those issues and any problematic behaviours they may also be experiencing.  Sessions can be facilitated in-person or online with Zoom.

Men and Trauma helps males who have experienced child abuse, sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, narcissistic abuse, refugee abuse, imprisonment and other traumatic events.  Reach out for help if you are felling like there’s on-one who will understand you, suffering from anxiety and depression, shame, suicidal thoughts and behaviour, out of control feelings, such as Rage, Grief, addictions: behaviours you find it hard to control or if you have concern over the behaviour of a loved one.

Wairarapa Consultations are available by appointment.