by Sam Williams from Proactive Parenting Services at Wairarapa Safer Community Trust. 

Stuck with the whanau for four to six weeks – what a daunting prospect!

How can we survive the lock-down, stay in our “bubble” and maybe even enjoy the kids?

Over the last few days, we have been swamped by so called experts teaching us how to survive weeks of lock-down – particularly with regards to being locked in with the kids.  Often the “expert” or celebrity advice makes everyone feel worse. I have had feedback from one mother who is sick to death of seeing tips on how to make playdough when there is no flour to be had, and anyway precious resources are limited. This is a very real issue for many of us. I have been told by another parent that if she sees one more post from a “Super Mummy” posting quality time with her adorable cherubs that she will scream. For some of us the social media buzz can be at best a bit smug or irritating, and at worst make parents feel depressed or demoralised.

The aim of our page is to recognise and acknowledge that this is a big challenge for families, and to hopefully provide some support and aroha for all parents, grandparents and caregivers in our bubbles.

 This is tough time, whether you are parenting alone with three little people, or sharing a house with your adult family! There is no guidebook, and we are all boxing in the dark right now.

At best we will emerge healthy, feeling more bonded and attached to our families, and having created some memories that will last a lifetime. More likely we will emerge having scraped through, with a roller coaster of ups and downs and lots of mediocre stuff in between. Most importantly we are all trying to STAY HOME to contain the virus, stay safe and protect our families here in Aotearoa.

It is important to follow the much used “Be Kind” message – but remember to be kind to yourselves as parents – often we are our own worst critics, and despite the likely whining, tantrums and tears – our children love us faults and all, and they haven’t read a guide book either.

It would be really helpful to hear any suggestions from families about what topics you would like covered on this Proactive Parenting at WSCT page.

I have attached my leaflet describing Proactive Parenting Services here in the Wairarapa – I am currently like many  others working from home as I continue to try to support my clients during this lockdown -and many of their stories of challenges, struggles and successes have been truly humbling and inspirational.

I look forward to all feedback, suggestions and topics for parenting support.

Kia Kaha everyone