Parkinson’s in the Wairarapa

About Parkinson's in the Wairarapa

Parkinson’s Wairarapa is part of Parkinson’s New Zealand Charitable Trust and is here to support people living with Parkinson’s and their families.  The Wairarapa Action Group provide…

  • A Bi-monthly newsletter
  • An exercise Class
  • A Singing Class
  • Support Groups.

Exercise and Singing are great ways to keep moving and strengthen your body and vocal cords.  Support groups are a great opportunity to spend time with other people going through similar experiences.

They actively fundraise to keep the cost of activities and events to a minimum and will continue to do so with two main fundraising events during the year.  During April they sell Tulip bulbs.  Late September/early October they work in conjunction with Longbush Cottage’s tulip festival to provide refreshments at a pop-up cafe.

The Parkinson’s Wairarapa Action Group can be contacted on e-mail: