It is important to Wairarapa Safer Community Trust that our services are based on a sound and good knowledge of Wairarapa rangatahi social needs, ensuring we provide the right ‘mix’ of services and that we deliver them well.

The Wairarapa Safer Community Trust Vision is to be a ‘Recognised Leader in Our Work’ and this was instrumental in our decision to give rangatahi a voice by inviting them to participate in our Wairarapa Youth Survey.

The WSCT Rangatahi Health and Wellbeing Report will enable those working within the Youth Sector arena and especially potential funders to develop a better understanding of rangatahi needs and therefore tailor those services to be more effective.

It has been our pleasure to commission this report which we believe provides a snapshot view of the range of supports available and the issues that confront our rangatahi living with the Wairarapa region.

On behalf of the Wairarapa Safer Community Trust Board, we would like to thank and acknowledge the following groups without whom the WSCT Rangatahi Health and Wellbeing Report would not have been possible:


  • Department of Internal Affairs – Community Development Scheme
  • Wairarapa Safer Community Trust Staff for conducting the survey
  • Justina Webster orf Kohatu Creationz consultancy specialist
  • Carterton and South Wairarapa District Council
  • Sponsorship from:
    • Masterton Vodafone – Stephen Hautler
    • Carterton New World
    • Sargents Motorcycles
    • FreshChoice Greytown
    • Stopping Violence Services – Bully Free Me
    • Wairarapa Safer Community Trust

Please feel free to download the report from the link below