The Road Forward

About The Road Forward

The Road Forward offers free peer support services to adult survivors of sexual harm.  Giving you the chance to talk about what you’ve survived in a private, safe and supportive environment.

The Road Forward provides:

  • One to one peer support
  • Group Peer Support
  • Socializations and Educational Group Support
  • Advocacy and referrals
  • Whanau Support

During the last few years there has been an amazing shift in the world.  People have begun to understand that someone’s struggle with sexual harm does not define them and that they need support and love from their peers and family.

The Road Forward offers services to stop the stigma that once hung-over sexual harm.  They endeavour to make your journey easier and help people to come to terms with their trauma and seek the help they need to heal.

Peer support focuses on what will sustain recovery, e.g. reconnection with others, personal achievement, inclusion in the community.  Peer Support instills hope by being with someone who has been there and ‘through it’.  Peer support is not about ‘fixing things’ but building on you existing strengths.

Masterton Office Business hours are ‘by appointment only’.