Wairarapa Cancer Society

About Wairarapa Cancer Society

The Wairarapa Cancer Society’s primary focus is on growing dedicated support systems; raising awareness in health promotion areas; seeking new initiatives; providing quality information; and networking to improve communication links with other related organisations in the health industry.

We offer supportive care services to persons in the wider Wairarapa community, and their whānau/family affected by cancer.  These services include the provision of practical and emotional support, access to Cancer Society accommodation in Wellington, counselling, access to support groups and other agencies, advocacy, advice, education, information and a client driving service.

Our client driving service is available to those who need help to attend cancer related treatment.

These services are provided free of charge for those who are affected by cancer and our services support the clinical work of health professionals.

Masterton office business hours: Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 3:00pm