Four of the graduates of a two-day parenting workshop at Wairarapa Safer Community Trust. PHOTO/EMILY IRELAND

Emily Ireland

Six young parents have graduated a two-day parenting workshop at Wairarapa Safer Community Trust as part of their Youth Services obligation.

The programme was Positive Tools for You and Your Child, delivered by Sam Williams, the co-ordinator of Proactive Parenting Services at the trust.

She was assisted by youth coach Abby Cooper.

Taking part in the programme were four young mums and two young dads, who learned about and discussed all aspects of bringing up young children, from topics like brain development, to child safety, stress management, and play.

Sam said there was some lively discussion, and “insightful feedback” from participants who are “all busy parents with very young children.

“Their attendance, and effort is commendable.”

Matthew Pike, 19 said he learned “what not to do and what to do”.

He said the most important part of parenting was to praise good behaviour, and “enjoy the time you have with your kids”.

Gabby Anderson, 19, said the course opened up her eyes about child safety “certainly around other people”.

Lana Workman, 19, has a seven-month-old daughter.

“I’ve learned so much,” she said.

“I’ve learned how her brain works and how it all connects at different stages, and different ages.”

She said she also learned about the different types of communication that her daughter would use at each age.

Jade Reiri, 19, learned that it was “okay to make mistakes”.

“Parenting is stressful, but at the end of the day, you just need to do what’s best for you and your child.

“If you’re not coping, then your child won’t be able to either.”

She said she would recommend other parents partake in parenting courses.

“It may not sound fun, but it educates you and you walk out happy and you just can’t wait for the rest of your life.”