Services for older people 65+
Help for families & friends of alcoholics
Achieve Sobriety & Stay Sober
Making life better for those affected by dementia
Support with vision loss
Free budgeting services
Understanding the history of our district
Know and support your neighbourhood
Raising young people to prosper
Masterton office servicing the Wairarapa
Help with money problems and management
Confidential financial support
Covid-19 or Cyclone Gabrielle support
Helping seniors with their devices - for free!
Supporting those with health or disability barriers
Information & Support Line
Job Search, CV Writing & Interview Support
Mediating child care arrangements
Assistance to build strong families
The South Wairarapa Support Hub
Masterton - nurse-led medical centre
Free Pregnancy & Baby Loss Support
Services for those with a life-limiting illness
Supporting adults with intellectual disabilities
Free creative space in Masterton
Know and support your neighbourhood
Community Workshop
Tikanga Māori programme for 16-24 year olds
Reducing Gambling Harm
Wairarapa regional co-ordinator
Parkinson's Action Group
Mental Health & Addiction Service
Supporting those with a learning (intellectual) disability
Homebased parent education & support
Educational Activities & Spaces to Hire
Change, Loss and Grief Programmes
Local Government Organisation
Shuttle services & thrift store
Kaupapa Maori Services
Services for adult survivors of sexual harm
Free support for those with perinatal mental distress
Support if effected by crime, trauma or suicide
Support for those effected by cancer
Free legal info and advice for those in need
Support, education and resources
Community, Parenting & Youth Services
Crisis work, advocacy and programmes
Free CPR & AED training
Low Cost Medical Centre & Social Services
Career guidance and employment opportunities